Privacy driven website to store personal preference and data about your favorite media metadata

The website is in an alpha state, everything is free and we are counting on people opinion to improve the service adding feature

Save you media, in a private way

The focus of the project, is to have all the favourite TV show saved on one single platform and not spliced on more website(trakt, netflix, primevideo, disney). You can save everything here, and all the data are not on a server but in your local PC or if you preferer in other private cloud like Gdrive/Onedrvie and other will come.

Save your favourites

You can save you next tvshow to see or the episode that you have seen

Save link for every show

On every episode you can associate one or more link where you watch it. It can be a private nas, netflix, primevideo or other website on your preference

Easy share

Share with a simple click a TV show with a friend, you will share the series and the link you have associated to it

Integrated advanced player

If you connect a direct link to an episode you can stream it in our platform. And it will memorize the position, if you have seen it and other metadata all in your PC

No registration

The platform is not under registration, everyone can access it without linking account or anything (Just access with google if you want to share data between device but nothing will be saved in the server)

Always free

The technology serverless, with no data permit to have cheap server cost and the service point to be always free and accesible to everyone


For now the service is in Alpha and the access to google service must be requested with email or in a telegram channel Telegram channel .

For now interface/name is provvisory, everything can change. We like to have some feedback about it